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University reports

Jan 2012

The following three reports might be helpful for people who are interested in topics of non-linear or adaptive control and mathematical modelling. Further material e. g. MATLAB® code is available upon request.

Control of an Inverted Pendulum

The single inverted pendulum is a classical problem in the the field of non-linear control theory. Essentially, the system as it is discussed here consists of a cart and a pendulum attached to it. Applying a force to the cart, for instance through a built-in electrical motor, and thus moving it forwards and backwards will cause the pendulum to swing. However, modelling these dynamics yields a highly non-linear problem. It is the aim of the controller to apply the right amount of force which will stabilize the pendulum in the upright position.

Control of an Inverted Pendulum

Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Model Reference Adaptive Control

In contrast to classical control theory, adaptive vontrol techniques allow to control systems where certain system parameters are not known
or change over time, for instance due to changing operating environment. Two methods based on the MIT rule and Lyapunov rule are derived and then applied to a linear first order system. The system is simulated and it is analysed how changes to the adaptation gain affect the system performance. Lastly, variations in the reference model parameters, that is changing the desired closed-loop behaviour are examinded.

Model Reference Adaptive Control

Modelling Chlamydia Transmission Dynamics

In this report, a mathematical model is created to understand the dynamics of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infections. By understanding the dynamics of how the infection spreads, the effect of executing a screening program for 20–24 year olds in Australia can be investigated.

Modelling Chlamydia Transmission Dynamics


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